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Head Energia

Everything you need to advance your career in energy markets and regulation, organized in one place.

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Head Energia is the online platform for you to advance your career in the Electrical Sector. Our complete training portfolio is the bridge for you to understand and increase your relevance in the corporate world . Our community will strengthen your networking with the most active and committed professionals in the sector, from interns to multinational CEOs.

O que é?


always updated content, taught by executive market experts


courses structured in closed modules, taught by specialist teachers


cursos elaborados de acordo com as necessidades específicas da empresa

Who is Head Energia for?

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São 6 cursos inclusos na Assinatura, com destaque para:

Preparatory Certification of CCEE Operators
Approval Accelerator at ANEEL

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Continuous learning to advance careers in the energy market and regulation in the segments
  • What are In Company Courses?
    These courses are designed according to the specific needs of the company and can be presented in different formats, such as: Closed modular courses; Content for corporate universities; Workshops; It is Speeches. All Single Courses can be customized to the In Company format.
  • Tem foco em algum tipo de fonte de energia?
    Nossa escola não possui foco em nenhuma fonte de energia específica. Nosso foco é o amplo mercado, ou seja, empresas que atuam nos segmentos de geração centralizada, transmissão, distribuição, comercialização. Ao estudar com a Head Energia, você poderá trabalhar com qualquer fonte de energia, em empresas dos diversos segmentos do setor elétrico, gestoras, consultorias, escritórios de advocacia etc.
  • Does Head Energia offer a Subscription option for companies?
    Yes, Subscription is available for corporate purchases. More details, click here .
  • I don't like it, can I cancel?
    You are completely free to cancel at any time. However, after the first 7 days of the first purchase guarantee, we do not offer refunds. If you wish to cancel your Subscription, please contact us by email and our team will be available to help you.
  • Problem accessing classes. What to do?
    If you are experiencing any problems accessing classes, don't worry! We are here to help. Please contact us at and our team will be happy to resolve this for you.
  • When will I receive access to classes?
    As soon as your payment is approved, you will receive an email for your first access to the platform, where all Head Energia content is located.
  • What are Single Courses?
    Single Courses is a category of courses structured in closed modules , taught by specialist teachers , following a conventional format with a beginning, middle and end, pre-defined syllabus and established workload . These courses are aimed at an intermediate/advanced level of knowledge. Students have the option of participating in live synchronous classes , with access to recordings during the designated period, or opting for the asynchronous version , which allows them to purchase recordings for viewing within the same defined time frame. At the end of the course, a certificate of completion is provided. Our courses are divided into the following categories: Business Development Track Middle Trail Regulated Trail ESG Track
  • What are the forms of payment?
    We accept credit cards with installments in up to 12 installments with interest, purchases in cash via Pix or Boleto.
  • Can I access via cell phone?
    You can access the platform via the internet browser on any cell phone, tablet, computer or notebook. The mobile site design is responsive for cell phones and tablets.
  • I still have questions, how do I do it?
    You can send us an email at or call us via Whatsapp (61)99859-1955 .
  • Is Head Energia focused on any specific training?
    You do not need to have graduated from a specific course at university to study at Head Energia or to start working in the broad market. Head Energia can help you work in the electricity sector with the training you have, with your skills and competencies. The sector needs people trained in economics, law, engineering, mathematics, physics, meteorology, accounting, administration, political science, programming, among others.
  • What is the Subscription?
    The Head Energia Subscription is one of our training solutions, developed to meet the demand for constant updating of professionals in the Electrical Sector. It offers always up-to-date content, taught by market executive professors or experts directly involved with the topics covered. We believe in the importance of a comprehensive understanding of the electricity sector, which is why Assinatura organizes its content into knowledge trails: Fundamentals of the Electrical Sector; Business development; Centralized Generation; Energy Transmission; Energy distribution; Energy Trading; Regulatory Processes and Concepts of Law; Energy Transition; Trending and Future Topics in the Sector; It is Career Development. This structure allows subscribers to explore different areas and reinforces the idea that, even if they work in a specific area, it is essential to understand all aspects of the electricity sector. For those who are still deciding on their specialization, Assinatura offers a series of interviews with market experts , providing insights into different professional profiles and helping to identify areas of interest. It is important to highlight that, due to the dynamic nature of the electricity sector, the Subscription Knowledge Trails are constantly updated , reflecting changes and new developments in the market. You have full control over your subscription! Access is for 12 months and does not renew automatically, meaning you only renew if you want. In addition, we will always keep an eye on the expiration date and send you a reminder, allowing you to calmly decide whether you want to renew or not.
  • What happens if a participant withdraws?
    The disqualification, withdrawal or any other impediment of a candidate occupying a vacancy will be invited and replaced by the next ranked candidate.
  • Will there be participation control and minimum presence?
    Yes. The control will be carried out during the class and will be used to issue the certificate, if the student is present in 4 of the 5 classes.
  • What are the requirements to receive the certificate?
    The requirement to receive the certificate will be attendance in 4 of the 5 classes.
  • Will classes be available to watch later?
    Classes will be recorded and will be available for 3 months.
  • After the course will my data be recorded for future opportunities?
    Yes. After completing the course, your data will be in the Engie and Head Energia talent pool. If you fit the profile of an open position, we would like to meet you.
  • What will be the criteria for selecting participants, if there are more registrations than vacancies?
    The definition of those approved will be carried out by ENGIE, following the criteria below: 1st) engineering courses that correlate with the operations and maintenance (O&M) career. 2nd) engineers who have graduated for up to 3 years and students who are studying the 6th semester onwards, as it is understood that there will be better use of the content. 3rd) state in which you are studying, giving preference to regions that are closest to where ENGIE has Hydroelectric Power Plants or Wind Farms.
  • Will there be proof?
    No. To receive the certificate, attendance at 4 of the 5 classes will be sufficient.
  • I want to learn about the free energy market!
    You must subscribe annually to Head Energia and start studying the Fundamentals of the Electricity Sector Certification for the Free Market and Regulated Market. No separate course is recommended for those who are starting to study the free market.
  • Is Head Energia a preparation for the ANEEL competition?
    No - Head Energia is a pre-preparation course to study for competitions that require knowledge about the electricity sector. Knowing the main concepts will make it easier to study laws and regulation.
  • Para quem é a Head Energia?
    A Head Energia é a maior e mais completa escola de formação contínua em mercado e regulação de energia do Brasil. Os cursos e formações da Head Energia são recomendados para profissionais em todas as etapas de suas carreiras, desde iniciantes até os mais avançados, que buscam compreender o mercado e a regulação do setor elétrico. Essas áreas incluem: desenvolvimento de negócios, assuntos regulatórios, front office, inteligência de mercado, preço, gestão de risco, controle de portfólio, comercialização, planejamento energético, gestão de energia, jurídico, M&A, back office, etc.
  • Is Head Energia just about the electricity sector?
    Yes. In the annual subscription you will find knowledge trails , involving the structure and functioning of the sector, basic concepts about regulation, market, commercialization, prices, charges, company structures, innovation and trends. Head Energia also has separate courses on various topics involving the centralized generation, commercialization, transmission and distribution segments. All of our training can also be hired in In Company mode, designed for the specific needs of your company.
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