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Build your career based on classes taught by experts.

Stand out with our Certifications.

We are the largest and most complete continuing education school in the energy market and regulation in Brazil.

There are more than 295 hours of classes that will teach you about centralized generation, energy trading, transmission, distribution and energy transition


and co unti ng

the best value for money on the market


download e-books to complement your study


More than 2,500 satisfied students

+100 Masterclasses

and counting

ministradas por experts que trabalham com o tema e compartilham sua experiência e conhecimento


live classes every month

7 days

access with money-back guarantee

Energy Transition

Centralized Generation Track





Business development

Access for 12 months

+ 295 hours of video classes ranging from basic to advanced , on the most relevant and current topics in the energy sector

Content organized into tracks : generation, commercialization, transmission, distribution and energy transition

New content every month

Live online classes with market experts and executives

4 Courses included: Migration to the Free Market, Business in Transmission, Tariff Adjustment and Review Workshop, Approval Accelerator at ANEEL

Preparation for the Market Operator Certification Exam - test organized by the Electric Energy Trading Chamber (CCEE)

7 Certificados de conhecimento

16 e-books available: step-by-step migration to the ACL, compiled of main laws and resolutions in the electricity sector, commented laws, resolution of questions from previous Certification tests, etc...

Exclusive WhatsApp group , for networking and sharing questions and information among Head subscribers

Career Development Track, talent bank, job curation and mentoring area

10% discount on individual courses

Watch whenever you want.
From any device. As many times as you want.

Watch on your tablet, computer, cell phone or other devices, anytime, anywhere.

What are you waiting for?

We are more than 2,000 students connected through our platform. Within Head Energia you will find updated content, taught by experts and with a practical bias - but with academic rigor.

With the annual subscription, you can create your professional profile and access the subscribers' exclusive Whatsapp group. There is nothing more powerful than that!

We made a difference in the history of our annual subscribers

See how Head Energia was fundamental to the career development of our Heads. These are just a few examples of the transformations that occur daily among our students.

Start learning now

Get immediate access to the most complete, updated and organized content on the market and regulation on the topics of Centralized Generation, Commercialization, Distribution, Transmission and Energy Transition

Annual Subscription


1,347.00 in cash

  • Monthly live classes

  • Archive with more than 295 hours of classes

  • Classes with case analysis

  • Summaries and supporting materials

  • Interviews with market experts

  • Curation of current affairs in the sector

  • Discount on separate courses with experts

Five courses included in the subscription

  • Broadcast Business

  • Distributor Tariff Review and Adjustment Workshop

  • Step by step for migration to the free market with case analysis

  • Preparation for the Market Operator Certification Test

  • Approval Accelerator Course at ANEEL (AAA)


  • Exclusive WhatsApp group for subscribers

  • Student Wall

  • Talent Bank

  • Interaction in live classes

Meet some of our experts who bring experience and practice to our annual subscribers

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