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What they say about Head Energia

I really enjoy following and learning from Head's content, mainly because it is more focused on the energy market area. Now that I am in the job market, in the area I wanted to enter, energy sales, being aware of the main topics and laws in the sector will be of great importance. Since I began to be interested in this area, in 2019, and found out about this certification test for market operators, I had the desire to take it, and Head having a specific track for this topic really caught my attention. I certainly recommend it to other professionals or students who want to develop themselves, even a co-worker signed up after asking my opinion about the platform.

Bruno Guaracho

I arrived at Head because of the content, the school was very well recommended. What I didn't imagine was that I would be surprised, day after day, from then on: by the dynamism with which the platform is updated, by its impeccable support and, also, by all the receptivity found. The team that makes Head happen has enormous know-how in the energy market! At the same time, she is passionate about what she does, which is clear in the best content delivered and all the innovations carried out, attentive to the needs of her students. Head came to train differentiated professionals for the market and, without a doubt, make a difference in each person’s trajectory.

Cristiane Araújo

Head Energia is, without a doubt, one of the best investments I made even before I graduated. In just one month, the platform is full of content that I, as an Energy Engineer, did not see at university. The amount of knowledge I acquired in such a short time is surprising. Classes are quick and objective, which is great for combining with your work routine. Not to mention that the support they give us is impeccable, we can answer any questions and we even get a motivational gift! After being Head I understood that there really is no competition!

Patricia Cunha

I feel super privileged to be part of Head Energia! I'm still in college and before Head I felt super lost, I was terrified of the job market, I didn't know where and what I could work with (I didn't even know that risk management existed, for example). Now I feel safer, I am learning daily about the main concepts of the sector, with well-structured educational content! I'm sure that when I finish my degree and enter the job market, I'll be able to stand out! Thank you for existing, Head Energia!

Andressa Farias

Estudar na Head tem me proporcionado crescer muito além da minha carreira profissional. A ideia de estudar um pouco todos os dias, tem me proporcionado ser mais regrada com vários aspectos da minha vida. Fazendo com que eu crie uma rotina de estudos mais facilmente. Além disso, ver meu progresso dia a dia faz com que minhas metas profissionais sejam mais facilmente mensuradas e consequentemente, alcançadas. Com a Head eu percebi que meu sonho de trabalhar em uma multinacional do setor fica ainda mais próximo, graças ao conhecimento compartilhado em todas as esferas.

Luiza Faggion

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